Dr. Hakim Syed Niamathullah

Hakim Ghulam Mohamed Muqeem alias Miyejen

Hakim Syed 
Maqdoom Ashraf


The Niamath Organisations are named after Dr. Hakim Syed Niamathullah (1900-1961)., An eminent Hakim and a reputed social worker, he championed the cause of Unani Medicine in Southern India. He devoted his life to the development and promotion of Unani Medicine. He was associated with many professional orgainsations, has published many articles on Unani Tib and participated innumerous academic conference and symposia. The Niamath Science Academy and the Niamath Research Foundation are named after him. He got the inspiration form his uncle Hakim Ghulam Mohamed Mugeem alias Miyejen (1838-1915) and his elder brother Hakim Syed Magdoom Ashraf (1883-1956).



Professor Hakim Syed Khaleefathullah has earned tremendous fame and excellence as an eminent Unani Medical Consultant.  With passage of time he has immensely enriched the field of Unani Medicine by virtue of his Professional brilliance and dedicated efforts in research activities.  Hakim Syed Khaleefathuallah born 1938 in Chennai, was President, Central Council of Indian Medicine (1984-1995), Member, Governing Body, National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore (1986-1997), Honorary Physician to President of India (1987-1991) and Chairman, Executive Board, Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (1996-1999).  He was a Member of the Central Council for Health & Family Welfare (1999-2001), Chairman, Unani Pharmacopoeia Committee, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India (1998-2002) and is currently Member, Governing Body and Chairman, Clinical Research subcommittee, Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine, New Delhi and Member Ayurvedic, Siddha & Unani Drugs Technical Advisory Board, Government of India.

He authored numerous publications, attended National and International Conferences such as the International Conference on Eastern and Western Approaches to Healling, San Francisco, U.S.A.(1985), 2nd International Conference on Elements in Health & Diseases, Karachi, Pakistan (1987), International Workshop on Health and illness – a comparison of the concept in India & Europe, Venice, Italy (1988) and Parliament of World Religious, Chicago, U.S.A.(1993).

In recognition of his contribution to the development and propagation of Unani Medicine, the Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University awarded the Degree of Doctor of Sciences (Honoris Causa) in 1998.  He has been honoured as ‘Baba-e-Tibb’ (1989), Hakim-e-Millath (1990) and was awarded the Physician of the year Gold Medal and Citation (1990), Bharat Bishaq Ratna (1995) and several other such awards and honours.  He is President, Niamath Science Academy, Fellow of the National Academy of Indian Medicines and Fellow of the Foundation of Integrated Medicine.  There are many achievements to his credit that can neither be enumerated nor be praised aptly in this short introduction.



A Graduate of Unani system of Medicine from Osmania University Hyderabad, hails from a renowned family of Unani Physicians. His great grand father Hakim Gulam Mohammed Muqeem Sahib alias Miajan Sahib (1838-1915), finds a mention in the book Tareek-e-Tibb (History of Medicine). His maternal grand father Shifa-ul-Mulk Alhaj Hakim Syed Maqdoom Ashraf Sahib (1883-1943) and his father Prof. Hakim Syed Khaleefathullah former Hony. Physician to President of India and President, Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi are recognised and honored for their contribution to the propogation and development of Unani System of Medicine in the country in General and South India in Particular.

During his stay at Hyderabad, he had the good fortune of meeting Internationally acclaimed physiotherapist Mr. Syed Ghousuddin Sahib, under whose supervision had training in accupressure treatment and its application in sports Medicine. After his studies he took additional training in Unani system of Medicine with special reference to regimental therapy with his father.

Along with his father he established NIAMATH RESEARCH FOUNDATION a public trust, NIAMATH SCIENCE ACADEMY Institutes for the propogation and development of Unani system of Medicine in particular and Indian systems of Medicine in general in 1985, NIAMATH LABORATORIES, a Modern Indegenous Drug House for the manufacture of genuine Unani Drugs in 1989 and S.K.'s HERBAL MEDICAL FITNESS CENTRE, a centre for herbal application in the maintenance of physical health in 1993.

He has presented many scientific papers, delivered guest lectures and given interviews regarding the application of herbal medicine and maintenance of health by natural way in different National seminars, Social organisation meet, Press and T.V. He is also involved in many social and religious organisations in the city of Chennai.