In response to the overwhelming patronisation extended to the activities of the Academy and the zeal among the youth towards research in Unani Medicine the NIAMATH RESEARCH FOUNDATION was founded with wider perspectives.

The Niamath Research Foundation is a registered public trust, to carry out clinical pharmaceutical and scientific research in Unani Tib.

  • To assist individuals or organisations engaged in clinical, pharmaceutical and scientific research in Unani Tib.

  • To bring out, encourage and develop the inventive and research faculties of the pupils and teachers of Unani Tib and to offer opportunity for them to do research in Unani Tib.

  • To start or adopt Institution or Institutions.

  • To popularise and propogate Unani system of Medicine in the educated masses by correspondence in English.

  • To impart knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the Unani system of Medicine, so that every household in the country knows about this traditional system of Medicine and use these effective, harmless and cheap remedies in their homes and to follow the principles of simple preventive methods as advocated by this system.

By doing so to achieve the goal of Health for all by 2020 AD.

  • To award and Honour outstanding personalities from within or outside the country engaged in Unani Research, Academic and in the development and propagation of the Unani system of Medicine.